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I thought it would be a day like any other—at least as the days have been since the Circle of Soulgatherers ruled Alania. ­People awoke with fear and fought with it throughout the day until they could escape for a few hours into thLike to stay up to date.e freedom of sleep. But even that no longer offered safety. With the growth of ­power, the Circle‘s henchmen became even more ruthless. They ­charged into homes and ripped innocent souls from their bodies. Janlan Alverra had lived untouched by the problems of the world until the day she saw all of them in the eyes of her best friend. Will she be able to save what she holds dear to her heart without losing everything she loves?
Janlan Alverra - Soulsight 1. Book of the Soulseer-Trilogy 486 pages ISBN: 978-1500692285  
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Janlan Alverra - Soulsight
The Soulseer-Trilogy